Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to School & Yoda

Brigham's First Day of School: I thought I would cry, or at least I was told I would cry. It didn't happen. He was fine, I was fine. It was no big deal. Is something wrong with me? Maybe. He's a confident little guy, which made me feel okay about the whole thing. Here's some pics of the day:
With Jordan, his buddy
Mrs. Ball, his teacher
With Matthew
Cameron, Briggs and Matthew
Jordan, a new friend, Cameron, B, and Matthew
Kesley (his sweetie pie), Cameron, B, and Matthew, with Jordan and Ethan in front's the cat. Yes. He's really weird. He's ugly. He was named Cocoa when we got him. We've called him several different names...such as: Smeagol (the character on the Lord of the Rings) and Yoda. He has a smashed-looking face, bright green eyes, and dark brown fur. He's sweet, but makes the strangest snoring sounds. We'll put up with him, I guess.


Anonymous said...

your cat is weird! glad you handled the 1st day ok! what a great mom you are