Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Jonathan's Fire Academy Graduation

At UFRA (Utah Fire and Rescue Academy) for graduation!

Putman and J

Lawrence sitting behind J

Jonathan running across the stage to receive his certificate.

At Tepanyaki with our parents to celebrate graduation and Jonathan's 31st birthday!

Brigham's Christmas Program

That little cutie behind B in the black dress his Jonathan's cousin's daughter, Taylor. She goes to the same preschool!

Daddy came to support Briggs.

So did Nelly, the crazy hair girl.

She loved it, and danced and sang along.

Itchy hat! He did a little dance with 2 buddies, acting like a train engineer. The video didn't work. Sorry.

Brigham was the train engineer. He had so much fun...even though he looked like he might fall asleep by the end.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Brigham's stitches this past summer

The back of Brigham's the doctor's office.

One joyful kid, even when he's been hurt. He felt pretty cool in his head-wrap.
I finally retrieved these pics off of my cell phone, even though this was during the summer. He fell out of Grandma Armstrong's wagon, onto a small rock, which split his skin on his scalp. He was so brave at the doctor's office. It was scarier for his mom, I think.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas is Almost Here!!

Ready for church on the Sunday before Christmas!

Brigham went sledding, and was a mad-man!

Chanel is cheering on Briggs

Ready to sled!

Beautiful snow!

I couldn't figure out how to rotate this one.



Nelly in her Wall-e pjs

Dancin' around the Christmas tree!

Monday, December 8, 2008

2 Surprise Visits!

Can you see the baby-fat that's coming back? Yep, we're back on bottles! Yikes!
Charlie, looking longingly out the door...but is ever loyal and obedient...waiting there for the call.

I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! I am learning how to use photoshop, and will hopefully improve shots like this in the near future. This pic is Nelly, all the way.

Caramel corn from Grandma!!! Such a great visit. We love Grandpa and Grandma!

Look at the can just FEEL it.

Lots of laughs! Sorry about the color on this one...I don't know what I did.


Dimples to share.

Big ol' kid is gonna break Grandma's back! He's growing so fast.

Sweet, beautiful Grandma Karen...

Uncle Jared stopped by! Nelly thought she'd get more of him than she did...when he left, she cried and cried.

Feelin' the love.

Kisses? With all that hair!? Oh, yes. She loves every minute.

Here comes Daddy...

For the grand FINALE!!!

Grandpa and Grandma stopped by on Saturday to bring the kids a treat...unfortunately, I ate most of it...Karen's homemade caramel corn. Then, Jared came Monday morning before Jonathan had left for work for a bit. Hey, these kids will take 'em any way they can have 'em! Oh, how they love the Johnsons...all of them! Grandpa and Grandma just love on them like crazy! Uncle Jared gives hairy kisses, that make Nelly's just way too much fun. We love our family!

The Fake Santa

Oh goodness. This was fun. Brigham was so excited to see Santa, and sit on his knee. When his turn finally came, Santa asked him if he was a good boy, and if he slept in his very own bed, and other cute little questions. Brigham came to me after and said, "Mom, that was the fake Santa". When I asked him about it, he said, "he was wearing human clothes underneath". Awww! So sad. His face was really bummed out. He is 4 1/2, and thought that the black t-shirt underneath meant it wasn't the REAL Santa. I explained as much as I could about Santa's helpers, but he's still pretty disturbed by the whole thing. We need to watch "The Polar Express" again...

Sunday, November 30, 2008

More B-day pics

The birthday girl at Gardner Village

Briggs eating lunch at the Naborhood Bakery...yum!

Elves! ...oh, and the Barbie piggy-back rides...

Sweet kids. Excited to see everything!..p.s. that cute cabin in the background on the right is my favorite building there. It's so pioneer-ish. Love it.

4 Generations: Grandma T, Grandma Gloria, me and Nelly. Again, this was one of those days when I never had time to look in the mirror. Not lookin' so "with it." But nobody really cares, right? I had such a great time, when Grandma T helped me get the house straightened up before Nelly's party. She polished my tables and chairs while we talked. She is such an amazing example to me. She has gone through A LOT in her life, and is now faced with more challenges in her family. I asked her how she is holding up through it all...she told me that she has faith that the Lord has a plan and she is comforted by that. She said that she just takes what comes, and realizes that she should submit to His will. I stood by my sink, trying to fight my tears. She has so much wisdom and purity. I just love her so much!

BG w/ the B&B (Birthday girl with the balloons and blankie, you know?)

Maaaaaahhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeine! (mine)