Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Payson Lakes, Rainbows & Randolph

When I got into our truck after church, Jonathan said, "I have an idea." Uh-oh. What could it be? I wasn't in the mood to go home and make a big meal. I didn't want to go visit anyone (I know, I'm grumpy). He said, "we're going to pack a picnic, and drive up to Payson Lakes." Oh. That's cool. So, we did. It was so fun. We loved it. We had a ton of snacks and food, and put on "Annie" on the DVD player for the kids. Here are a few pics of our adventure...

"Somewhere over the rainbow..." dreams really do come true... Okay, enough cheese!!! We get some awesome storms in S.S., but what's really cool: we get rainbows. It's so beautiful! Here's our symbolic "pot of gold" at the end of our rainbow. Again, we love it here.

Last week, I was starting to really miss Grandma Thornock. She just makes me happy. So, I called her on Monday to see if we could come visit for a bit on Wednesday. She was so sweet, and said "of course!" We drove up there, eating the whole way. We chatted as we made "dinner" (the Randolph version of lunch...it was noon), then ate a delicious homemade meal. Did I mention that she's 88 years old? It was fabulous to see her. I love her so much. A tender moment: Grandma and I were looking through her books of family history and pictures. As I listened to her tell me about her siblings, I teared up (good thing she can't see very well). She told me that her brothers always treated her with kindness and respect, even though she was so much younger than all of them. When we looked at a picture of her beautiful sister Donna, who died at 19 from diabetes (frustrating, that we now have so many medicines for this!), Grandma told me how much she misses her and all of her siblings. She told me that she looks forward to being with them again. (drip, drip! I was a boob!) My grandma has a sincerity and purity about her that is unlike anyone else I have ever known. I am so blessed to still have her in my life.

Out on Grandma's porch, where we painted her fingernails...

Briggs took this one:

Grandma was so excited that Chanel finally warmed up to her. It was a great trip, and well worth it!