Sunday, November 30, 2008

More B-day pics

The birthday girl at Gardner Village

Briggs eating lunch at the Naborhood Bakery...yum!

Elves! ...oh, and the Barbie piggy-back rides...

Sweet kids. Excited to see everything!..p.s. that cute cabin in the background on the right is my favorite building there. It's so pioneer-ish. Love it.

4 Generations: Grandma T, Grandma Gloria, me and Nelly. Again, this was one of those days when I never had time to look in the mirror. Not lookin' so "with it." But nobody really cares, right? I had such a great time, when Grandma T helped me get the house straightened up before Nelly's party. She polished my tables and chairs while we talked. She is such an amazing example to me. She has gone through A LOT in her life, and is now faced with more challenges in her family. I asked her how she is holding up through it all...she told me that she has faith that the Lord has a plan and she is comforted by that. She said that she just takes what comes, and realizes that she should submit to His will. I stood by my sink, trying to fight my tears. She has so much wisdom and purity. I just love her so much!

BG w/ the B&B (Birthday girl with the balloons and blankie, you know?)

Maaaaaahhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeine! (mine)


Nelly's 2nd Birthday!

The balloon hog!

Lovin' on Grandma!

Cute Briggs

Playing with those darn balloons again!

Grandma Horsey is pooped! Long day....but ain't she gorgeous!?

Grandpa and Nelly Goose

Grandma, Maddy, Jesica and Brooklyne

Silly Uncle Jared...Nelly's buddy

Ready to blow out the candles!

Devin and Bridget! Aren't they cute!? And...we just found out they are having another boy next year! Congrats!
This is a bad pic...but there to prove I was somewhat involved.
Oh yes...the girl's got style!
Uncle Jared and Brooklyne helping Nelly read her new Fancy Nancy book

She sat like this on Jared's lap for a long time, just enjoying every minute!

Cute Jesica!

These iphone pics are far from clear...sorry! Our other camera's battery died after 2 pictures...I'll post those once we figure out where its charger is. Grandma Thornock was there, and the other camera has pics of I'll post those asap.
Chanel is giving us a run for our money. We are trying (I repeat: trying) to get her off of the bottle...I mean...she's 2, for crying out loud!!! But she does not like drinking out of anything else...which makes our lives somewhat crazy for the time being. She screams and cries most of the time. We are wondering if any of you have any suggestions? Helps to get off bottles and try something new? Last night, Jesica gave Nelly a sippy with one of those straws in it...she did pretty good. I think that she's just used to the bottle as a night-night helper! So, nap and bed times are crazy. She'll just sob in her little crib, "no wan it!" (meaning: don't want this stupid sippy cup you gave's not the same). What do we do!??? Help us!??

Chanel was adorable on her birthday.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nelly gets an early birthday gift from Aunt "Weesa" and fam. She is thrilled!

Barbie...and a horse that walks on its own!

So sweet! Thank you, Cannons!

Joseph and Nelly get the water play table to themselves!!!

What is she putting in her mouth? I don't know...but, she and Joseph later were trying to put their faces in the water and then they sprayed each other with water while giggling!

Cheese! Will and Nelly...enjoying the warm weather... in November!

Feeding Will his food!

Cute Will!

Crazy boys! Briggs and Dax
Wiggly Will!

I loved babysitting today! I got to just hold him and snuggle him! He is the cutest, sweetest baby! He was so lovey-dovey to me! So sweet!

Cute boys.

Nelly, B and Joseph

Joseph and Dax

Having a great time!

Hilary called and asked if Briggs could go to "preschool day" at her junior high for one of her classes. He was sooooooooooo excited, and had a blast! Thank you, Hil! Briggs feels like he's one of the big kids now!
Ready for Christmas already!!!! Oh yeah!

Lookin' good!

We have had some fun times around here lately. I am sure my children think I have become "monster mom", "the cleaning nazi", or "naggy mom of the century". Having our home on the market does not make me a very nice person to be around. I am so self-conscience now about how clean my house has to be every morning. For those who know me: you know I DO NOT usually care about having everything perfect. However, this selling house stuff has changed me into an OCD crazy mamma!
We went up to the Cannon's while Lisa competed in her tennis league. The kids love being together. We just wish we had all of our cousins nearby, so we could build these fun memories with all of them! It was so beautiful today outside. I cannot believe that it's almost feels like early September. It's gorgeous.
Life is good...even when it's less than perfect!!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Jonathan's "Mini-Me" Argument Put to Rest

As you can see on the 2 previous posts: my children look more like me than they do Jonathan. It's settled, then!

Ha! I strongly disagree, though! If I could be the judge, I would say that they are way more Jonathan than me!

Johnson Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Old photos - Roots

Johnson Look-alike Meter

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Family heritage - Black and white photographs

Friday, November 7, 2008

Too messy?!

Um...have you ever been told that your home was messy?...and it was another adult, not one of your kids? Ya. It's not fun.

My real estate agent called today to update me on the feedback we've received from the past couple of viewings. He said it went great, but they thought the house was too messy.

This is coming from a family whose agent called 30 minutes before they were coming to our house. Did I mention that I was not home? Did I also mention that the kids WERE home? With a babysitter? I had called my awesome neighbor, and she ran over and threw stuff wherever it would fit, and cleaned up as fast as she could. Love her!

However, after all of this...we receive this stupid news from some sort of picky snobs who cannot see what the house could possibly look like if that one basket of laundry weren't in the laundry room. BOO HOO!

Can you tell I'm upset? You're right. Selling a house is NOT FUN AT ALL! Oh well, I'm done venting. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008