Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy 2008

Well, here we are...

Starting our first family blog. I'll try to update it at least once or twice a month. We have come out of a whirlwind holiday season, full of ups and downs...I think we've done a fairly good job of riding out the storms. We're still in Alpine, trying to sell our great house. We will miss this place sooooooo much. I hope we can stay close by if we ever move.

Briggs is going to be 4 in March. Chanel is 1, going on 13. Briggs in in preschool at Learning Dynamics in Lehi. He loves his class and his teacher, Mrs. Walton. He is a power ranger in the making. It's the only game he wants to play. It entails following his orders and chasing after imaginary bad guys downstairs. Chanel has had her share of near-E.R. experiences lately. What's with the whole biting-through-her-lip phase? Having Briggs as an older brother has given her too many ideas. She thinks she can climb anything...and she does.

Heather's grandpa, Aden Kay Thornock, passed away in December. We attended his funeral on Dec. 19th, which was also Jonathan's 30th birthday. The funeral was amazing. Grandpa was an amazing man who loved his sweet wife and his family. We will miss him so much.

Christmas was so so so so great. We were able to see so much family and visit with friends. Jonathan's Grandpa Johnson came with his wife, Oleta, to stay with Marc and Karen (Jonathan's parents) in Springville. I had never met Oleta, and had only met Grandpa once. What wonderful people. I am so glad we were able to spend time with them. We loved every minute and look forward to a visit to see them in Oakhurst, CA.

My Armstrong family all came into town for the funeral...many stayed through Christmas. It was very fun, but we had one casualty. Al broke his leg skiing, has had surgery, and is laid up in South Carolina, where they live. Unfortunately, Al and Faith spent Christmas there and their kids had to stay back until after Christmas. We wish them the best and hope Alan's recovery will be quick and as comfortable as possible.

2008 seems to hold many changes for our family. We will be starting some new adventures, of which we will keep you posted as they happen. Stay tuned....(I know we are) Much love to all of you.