Thursday, August 13, 2009

Baseball, new truck, more yard work, baby, Anniversary!

We had so much fun watching Brigham's first season ever of baseball. He's an incredible athlete for only 5 years old! It's almost comical watching him take it so seriously. We're very proud of him for working so hard, practicing whenever he could with Daddy, and for trying his best. Okay, there. I'm done bragging.

Jonathan's new love... A Toyota Tundra. It's like some sort of manly right of passage. ? I know. We just don't get it. However, I love driving it. I feel invincible and HUGE on the road.
Daddy was holding Nelly and she fell asleep...
Crazy girl loves her necklaces!!! Thanks, Ethan, for giving her the most treasured gift she's ever received!!

At the Bees Game! This kid loves baseball. he watched the whole game, and even moved down a few seats on his own, so he could see better.
Nelly and Mama.
Sorry this pic is turned! This is Riley, our friends' lil' babe. She's a beautiful, easy, and snuggly baby. We got to babysit her for a few hours last week. It was a great experience! I was so baby hungry that day!
Brigham said, "can we keep her, mom?"

After babysitting Riley, I was thinking a lot about how much I really want another baby. Later that night, I realized that I was having weird symptoms (like PMS), so I took a pregnancy test, just for kicks. (you ladies out there know this know it probably will be negative, but you just take it anyway!!!) It was positive!!! I started to cry, and went upstairs to our bedroom. Briggs, Nelly, and Jonny were up there, just hanging out. I set the preggers test on the bathroom counter in our master bathroom, then went back into the bedroom. I watched Jonny's reflection in the mirror, just waiting for his reaction. He walked back and forth, looking at himself in the mirror, about 5 times!!!! I was laughing quietly to myself. Then, I asked the kids, "wouldn't it be fun if our family had our OWN baby?" They were like, "ya!!!" Then Jonathan says, "ya, kids, wouldn't we love to have a baby?" I said, "ya, like our OWN baby." He looked up at me and his face read mine. He was like, "really??" I nodded and we hugged and giggled and told the kids that we REALLY were having our own baby!!! We were so excited!!!

The next day, we left on our anniversary excursion. Lisa and Rusty took the kids (and the dog!!!)...thanks, guys!!! Then, we stayed one night at the Grand America, where we thoroughly enjoyed a couples massage at their spa. We felt like we had the hotel to ourselves. It rocked. We ate at Settebello Pizzeria (awesome!!!), which was absolutely delicious! On Saturday, we went to Transformers 2 (yikes. don't take your kids), then picked up our kids and headed home.
The next day, this past Sunday, we got to sing in church with April Moriarty and Todd McCabe accompaning us! ????? Seriously!!! We had such an amazing experience with them. When we were practicing, I was lucky enough to be guided by April as she suggested various pauses, note changes, and where to emphasize words...etc. What a spiritual and fun opportunity for me!!! I loved it. She was very sweet to me, and we instantly became soul sisters. Todd is an amazing talent on the piano, and April was on the piano. They offered to play anytime we needed them! Huh?? Us? The amateurs!?? Awesome. I haven't had really awesome musical experiences for a loooooong time. It meant so much to me.

Enjoying the yard...and dollying up the Dad.
Poor Charlie. He puts up with SOOOOO much!!

Pouring concrete in the walkout basement. Rich, Lenny, Jason, Tony, Heber...and others came to help!
Jason and Crystal...the yard experts! Jason helped us with sprinklers, concrete, the walkout basement...and much more. Crystal: thanks for dinner!!! You're so sweet to us!
Zack, helping his daddy.
RV pad pour...the last of our concrete adventures!
Yard pics...for those who want to see our hard work finally finished!!! (we don't really have plants yet...that will come later. We're tired!!)


The Fam! said...

Finally! I figured out why people couldn't comment! I had it set up wrong! Now, feel free to write anything you wish!! xoxo

J.R. and Meg +2 said...

BABY!!! Congrats! Hope you are feeling well. Your yard looks fabulous--enjoy it!