Thursday, July 23, 2009

Summah, summah, summah-time!

Brigham's tee ball team...

Brigham on his bike...

On a walk with the Blood's. Love them!!

July 4th at the Callahan's. Fun, illegal, fireworks...courtesy of Matt. hee hee.
Me and Rebekah with our lil' princesses...
Briggs and his poses...
Bee sting....I felt so bad. He needed to change from his swimsuit to shorts... he said "I'm afraid of getting stung by a bee". I impatiently snapped, "you WON'T get stung by a b..." You guessed it: he got STUNG RIGHT AT THAT MOMENT!!!! on his calf... so sad!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Luau Family Time

Chanel and her bangs...attempting to grow them out...poor thing won't keep a clip or elastic in!
Joshua (Holly and Creston's oldest lil' boy)

Swinging high!!!

Killing time during family pictures, to keep the kids' attention...and to keep them from running down to the trampoline.
Dax, Briggs, Isaac...being patient.
Candid cheeser of me...
Nelly and Joseph. Her bestest buddy ever.

Joshua, Joseph, and Nelly

All the kids on the swingset...Cutie pie...
Lagoon!!! Holly in the background...looking like she DIDN'T just have a baby!!!

Nelly and JosephNelly, awesome Grandma, and lil' Will

Grandpa's had enough of Lagoon.
Baby Reese (Holly and Creston's new baby girl!!!) with Grandma. Grandma wasn't able to visit right after Reese's birth due to G-ma's painful health issue (which is getting much better...after about 75 days of shingles...she's ready for a break!!!). So, as you can imagine, seeing Reese for the first time in person MADE HER WEEK!!!! Reese has a very special aura/glow/temperment/cute face...she's adorable. We love her so much and are grateful that she's healthy and sweet!!!

Briggs enjoying cousin time on the hill.
Joanna...16!!!! So beautiful and fun! Love that girl.
Alan...or...1/2 of Alan. He looks fabulous after losing weight. Handsome brother of mine!!
Carol!!!?? This is basically the opposite of her usual pleasant smile. I caught her off-guard, and she had some fun!!! Love her!
Dad...awake and in his usual happy mood!! Thanks, Dad for a great week!! xoxoxo
Rusty. The funnest brother-in-law ever. He can make you laugh when he gets the giggles...his eyes water and he just brings joy to all of us.
John...the eldest and most awesome guy ever. Smart, fun, and an amazing example to all of us. We miss you already, John!
Charlie got in on the hula action.
Ashley and Chanel.
Dancing with the girls.
Hiking to Pretty Valley. Jonny and Me.
Dad pointing out the scenery.
Race track day...Jonny took the kids and Creston took Joshua to see the Mustangs on the track. They sat in Lincoln's car.