Sunday, September 6, 2009

Passing out at the temple & First Baby Pic!

Friday was an interesting day. My cute mom drove down from Farmington to babysit my kids, so Jonathan and I could attend an endowment session at the temple. After the temple, we would have just enough time to go to my first doctor's appointment for this pregnancy.

We arrived at the temple a little late for the 7 am session, so we were able to sit in the chapel and just be still and quiet for a while. It was very peaceful. We were asked to be the witness couple for our session, so we accepted. During the endowment session, we were kneeling at the altar together. I started to feel queasy and gross, but didn't know if it was because I was going to vomit, faint, or die! My head started to drift downward, toward Jonathan's hands on the altar. He asked, "are you okay?" and I said, "no." I stood up, Jonathan helped me turn around and sit down. The temple workers all came to help me. They escorted me out, and as they did, I apologized to the people who were sitting there, confused.

They sat me down outside of the endowment room, and called security. They brought a lovely wheelchair, and took me to the first-aid room. I was crying the whole way from embarrassment. I felt soooooooooooo dumb! I was given OJ and crackers, and Jonathan told me to lie down on the bed in there. (It's nice to have an EMT for a hubby during times like this). He was very comforting to me.

Then, we walked down an obscure hallway back toward the locker rooms...and bumped into our friend, Bronson. He looked at the OJ and crackers in Jonathan's hand and said, "did you just get hungry, Jonathan?" We laughed, and then were dressed and headed out to IHOP for food.

Doctor's appointment: all is well! Although, I had to experience both arms getting poked at the lab! Ouchy! Baby has a heartbeat! We're due on April 8th! So excited! Grateful! Glad that day is OVER!!!!


Anonymous said...

well Ive heard of the feeling of the power in the temple but never so strong! Haha Glad your baby is growing and is going to be another fabulous Johnson.

Bowmans said...

Congradulations!!! You probably announced earlier that you are pregnant but I haven't blogged for awhile, so this is the first I've heard. Congradulations again! So excited... April 8th is a great due date.

Lizzie said...

So good seeing you the other day...even if we were totally being irreverent in Sacrament meeting. =) Your kids are just as beautiful in person as they are on your blog. I love your family picture on the's beautiful.