Friday, November 7, 2008

Too messy?!

Um...have you ever been told that your home was messy?...and it was another adult, not one of your kids? Ya. It's not fun.

My real estate agent called today to update me on the feedback we've received from the past couple of viewings. He said it went great, but they thought the house was too messy.

This is coming from a family whose agent called 30 minutes before they were coming to our house. Did I mention that I was not home? Did I also mention that the kids WERE home? With a babysitter? I had called my awesome neighbor, and she ran over and threw stuff wherever it would fit, and cleaned up as fast as she could. Love her!

However, after all of this...we receive this stupid news from some sort of picky snobs who cannot see what the house could possibly look like if that one basket of laundry weren't in the laundry room. BOO HOO!

Can you tell I'm upset? You're right. Selling a house is NOT FUN AT ALL! Oh well, I'm done venting. Thanks for reading.


Becky said...

Are the people who think your house is messy too dumb to realize that the mess doesn't come with the house?! Uh...duh, you have two little kids and you don't live in a MUSEUM!

Stacy said...

oh man, I'd be in big trouble if it were me. I bet your messy house is spotless compared to mine. I can't seem to keep up with four kids. I'm with ya! They need to get over it!

Rebecca said...

been there done that! Are you moving to Georgia?!...wishful thinking.