Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nelly gets an early birthday gift from Aunt "Weesa" and fam. She is thrilled!

Barbie...and a horse that walks on its own!

So sweet! Thank you, Cannons!

Joseph and Nelly get the water play table to themselves!!!

What is she putting in her mouth? I don't know...but, she and Joseph later were trying to put their faces in the water and then they sprayed each other with water while giggling!

Cheese! Will and Nelly...enjoying the warm weather... in November!

Feeding Will his food!

Cute Will!

Crazy boys! Briggs and Dax
Wiggly Will!

I loved babysitting today! I got to just hold him and snuggle him! He is the cutest, sweetest baby! He was so lovey-dovey to me! So sweet!

Cute boys.

Nelly, B and Joseph

Joseph and Dax

Having a great time!

Hilary called and asked if Briggs could go to "preschool day" at her junior high for one of her classes. He was sooooooooooo excited, and had a blast! Thank you, Hil! Briggs feels like he's one of the big kids now!
Ready for Christmas already!!!! Oh yeah!

Lookin' good!

We have had some fun times around here lately. I am sure my children think I have become "monster mom", "the cleaning nazi", or "naggy mom of the century". Having our home on the market does not make me a very nice person to be around. I am so self-conscience now about how clean my house has to be every morning. For those who know me: you know I DO NOT usually care about having everything perfect. However, this selling house stuff has changed me into an OCD crazy mamma!
We went up to the Cannon's while Lisa competed in her tennis league. The kids love being together. We just wish we had all of our cousins nearby, so we could build these fun memories with all of them! It was so beautiful today outside. I cannot believe that it's almost feels like early September. It's gorgeous.
Life is good...even when it's less than perfect!!!


Rossco said...

Look at YOURS! I didn't even realize you had a little girl. I vaguely remember seeing Jonothan on a trip down here and him telling us you were pregnant... maybe he didn't know yet it was a girl because I've been picturing two boys. So out of it. They are both SOO beautiful Heather. How the heck are you guys? I know you have way too many friends down here, but if you ever need a place to stay--- Please come visit!

Lillie said...

Look at YOUR family! They're beautiful! I'm sure I heard at some point that you had a little girl but I definitely didn't picture her that old already. Isn't it wierd how time stands still when it's not us? Thanks for leaving me a note. Now I know where to find you.

How the heck ARE you!?