Thursday, October 1, 2009

Strawberry Reservoir

We knew we wanted to go on a family trip with Jonathan's parents and brothers and their families. We just didn't know where. We all had about 10 ideas, but finally: Strawberry Reservoir was the place. We heard the elk (and the cows), wondered about the large hole that was freshly dug near the cabin, boated, BBQ'ed, laughed, s'mored, and all agreed that we HAD to do this again. It was absolutely beautiful there.
Briggs looks so proud here...

Jesica was reading Fablehaven, and was somewhat disappointed when the ending wasn't quite an "ending"...but she looks forward to reading the next one.

Jared always makes us laugh. He's the party man.

Chanel loves his Uncle Jared. He can do no wrong.
Gorgeous view. We saw deer right here, and 3 elk a little further.

Tagg and Grandpa. G & G were sweet enough to stay with Tagg whilst the rest of us partied it up on the boats. Thanks, sweet Marc and Karen!

Here's Chanel with her twin, Grandma Karen. Chanel's middle name is Karen...maybe that's why they look so alike!
Spoiled dog! Charlie was in heaven here!
Chanel in the dog cage...for fun?
Cutie sis-in-law buds! Bridget and Jesica.
I'm so glad I caught this lil' moment of the hand-off. So sweet!
Boston had enough of the tube! What a good sport, though!
Jesica's dad's boat. It was fun to have 2 boats, b/c we could film (and laugh at) each other.
This was the best. Boston and Chanel had a great time together.
Sea monster? Fish?'s Uncle Jared..."Lt. Dan!" Yes, he did the Forrest Gump jump of the boat. It was the funniest freakin' thing ever.

We love our family!!!