Thursday, October 1, 2009

San Diego

Since Jonathan had to go to San Diego for a fireside and a few meetings, we all decided to come along. What a fun trip!!! It was a long drive, but not too bad. The kids were great. We drove to San Diego, went to the beach, Sea World, and visited some old friends. We only wish we could have stayed forever!! The people in Escondido were FABULOUS. They hosted an amazing fireside, where several hundred (like 700) came to hear about how they can get involved as a stake in online missionary work. It rocked!!!

These Sea World pics are awesome. I love Chanel's face on this next one...
Jonny and Briggs were brave enough to sit on the 3rd row!!! They were right next to that platform in the middle. Nelly and I sat waaaayyy up on the billionth row, to avoid the water. It was a great show, though. I filmed a lot of it...even caught the boys getting really wet!
Our favs: dolphins.
Looking at the otters.
This was the only way to get Nelly to stand by them for a pic...I had to stand there.
Pets Rule show...pig.
Our only full- family pic at Sea World. I was pretty possessive of the camera to avoid any awkward preggo shots.
We had such an amazing time in San Diego. Here's the church where the fireside was held. The members were soooo hospitable and sweet to us. Jonathan and Karen did a great job in their presentations.

Here's a pic of the kids at the stake president's home, where his cute daughters took care of them.
Here's the poster the Escondido stake made for the fireside. They must have done a ton of work to publicize this event. We were shocked at the amount of people who came. Awesome. They were all fired up to get involved in the online conversation about our church.My ideal day: beach!!!


onceapickle said...

What a fun trip! Looks like you had such a great time. We've never been to Sea World, but I think my kids would love it.

And the Fireside...amazing! That's so many people! Awesome.

You are one beautiful pregnant lady. Pose for lots and lots of pictures! :)