Monday, August 11, 2008

Jeppeson kids at the ranch!

Joseph Cannon, Nelly, and Cooper Jeppeson...dancing on the hot tub cover.

Alyssa Jeppeson, Ashley & Joseph, and Nelly...playing with water balloons

Briggs is up to NO GOOD here!!!

The tired moms after a full day of play outside with the kids.
Briggs with Mitch Jeppeson squirting the kids as they slide down.

Emily Day Jeppeson brought her adorable family up to the Armstrong Ranch for a day of fun. We had a great time relaxing, horseback riding, playing in the water, and talking! We had a wonderful time. We both wore our grubbies and got dirty and wet at the ranch. Sweet Grandma Gloria facilitated all of the fun, as always!!! Lisa brough her kids up, too. They all had a fantastic time. It was so fun to catch up with Emily on all the amazing things she's been up to. I love seeing my old friends still happy!


Britt said...

How fun! I am so glad that your family has a blog. This is such a fun thing. Nate is as attached to seeing what we do during our day as anyone. I know he wonders. It's fun to see you and get the updates :)

Becky said...

Heather!!! We love you and miss you! Thanks for the new e-mail address... and now I have your blog address! I hope you know how much fun we had having you guys stop by. You & Jonathan are amazing parents! Love you! B.