Friday, August 29, 2008

Brigham's fun day that ended at the Instacare...

Cute Briggs and Baby Will
Briggs is always the kind and considerate brother that we hoped he would be...okay, maybe too considerate.
Proud Nelly! Grandma's little permanent lap fixture. Nobody else is allowed, in Nelly's book!
Holly is having more fun than Joshua!
Staples in Briggs's head...poorly done by the rent-a-doc at the Instacare in Bountiful. Dang.

We are so excited that Holly and Creston are in town with lil' Joshua! He's so cute. He's almost a head taller than Chanel, and she's older!
The kids had so much fun riding behind Grandma in the cart...until tragedy struck. While it was parked, the boys stood up and somehow lost their balance. Grandma was shocked to see them all on a pile on the ground. Blood everywhere, thanks to Brigham. Dax was scraped up with a bump on his head. Joseph was okay. I took B into the Instacare and he received 2 staples to close up the hole in his scalp. It was not fun. However, he was so brave and didn't even cry once we were in the car and on our way. He had cried to not go to the doctor...but I think he just didn't want to leave Grandma's house. He's doing great now. It only hurts if he bumps it. He doesn't complain, otherwise!!!
This was his first injury-visit to the doctor in his life! Can you believe we made it 4 1/2 years!?


SARAH said...

Holy cow your kids bump their heads a lot! I'm glad Briggs is o.k!