Saturday, August 23, 2008

Campin' with the Capels!

Daddy and Brigham putting up the tent.
Dan and Valerie...expecting their third baby in a month!

Brigham and Pierce
Daddy and Nelly
Heather, the pyro, stoking the fire. Caroline, Val, Briggs, Pierce, and Nelly hanging out until dinner's ready.
It all started with the idea that the men were going on a camping trip for the night. Great! The girls get a break, right? No. They tell us to come up and have dinner together, then we can go home to our own beds. Okay, but that's it! We finally get going up the canyon at about 5:30 pm, Val and I with our little girls in her van and the boys in our van ahead of us. We follow them to a campground that appeared to be perfect...until we notice they are turning around. They think it's too busy at that one, so they want to drive up to Cascade Springs and find another place to camp. Ugh! Okay, fine...but hopefully they find something quickly...the baby's are hungry, we're's time to find a place and stick with it. We turned onto a dirt road, or shall I say "sharp rock" road. Oh yeah, off-roadin' in the Odyssey is awesome. We drove for about 15 minutes on this road, to find several great campsites they could use...but they kept on drivin'. We were losing patience, and it was about 6:15 by now. Then, they decide to turn around on a single-lane dirt road, and help us do the same. They weren't sure that we'd even stay with them (in marriage or on the campground). However, we finally found the place. It was beautiful there. Aspens and pines all around, and a small stream nearby.

We had a spectacular meal, courtesy of Chef Dan. Perfect steak, corn, and fresh-herbed potatoes. We had smores and snacks and enjoyed our time together. Then, we left the men and Charlie to fend for themselves, and the girls went home. Maybe they will talk us into following them to go camping sometime....just maybe.