Friday, July 10, 2009

Who's happy with the grass? Well, all of us. Including Charlie.

We pretty much have the best neighbors ever. I don't really care if you're sick of hearing that. It's just plain TRUE! 10:30 am, the beloved SOD was delivered. Lo, and behold: the neighbors and friends trickled in, and we rocked it! I can't believe how fast we put down that sod. Ya, it was pretty awesome. Let's just name the names, shall we? Jay, Emily, Crystal, Emerson, Jordan, Matt, Jacquie, Shauna, Devin, and Shadd. Are you for realsies (if that were a word)?!?!?

Shellie, my neighbor, came outside and said, "would you like me to watch your kids while you work?", before the sod even arrived. ???? I know! Awesome possum.

Everyone worked so quickly, yet we had fun, too. It looks so beautiful now! Charlie, as soon as he could, ran outside and rolled, stretched, clawed, sniffed...enjoyed the grass.

Here's the happy 3.

Monster face!!!! Yikes! It's like she's so happy, she'll kill you!

Great wind,

Charlie seems pleased.


I love this pic!! Poor Charlie gets more "love" than any dog on the planet!...and he loves every second of it.


AWWWWWW!!! Love my boys!

Look at that sly dog!! He's like, "oh, you just don't understand what it's been like with no grass for FOUR straight months!!!!...oh yes, life is GOOD!"

The "sandbox" (or soon-to-be sandbox) under the deck.

Briggs and Nelly

Um...I just had to throw this one in, because Jonny was nice enough to take it of my better side. Um, yeah.

As you see, the grass is in! The left side you see with gravel is going to be an RV pad soon. I'll put more pics up later, when that is completed. We are thrilled!!

Check it out, baby! Freshly laid LAWN! You are like, "um, ya, Heather, that's what it is."

"Animal"...but a cute one!!!

Seeeeeeeee????? Freak. She's gorgeous. I know!

I'll keep you posted!!! Loves to all! xoxoxoxoxo


Anonymous said...

yeah we are happy you got your grass too!

Bridget said...

YAYA! Looks awesome! Your house and yard are beautiful, as is your backside, lol! Those pics of Chanel are classic. So cute. Kids seem to grow up so much over the summer, don't they?