Friday, July 10, 2009

Ragnar Relay

Here's some more pics of Jonathan's team: Jonathan, Dave, Debbie, Britt, Rusty...Abby's taking the pic.

Honey Bucket laughs...Jonathan's van.
Debbie, Dave, J, Rusty, Britt, Abby (who is possibly getting married??)

Heck yes, that's me!!! I'm actually a "runner" in the race. Our van consisted of Dal, Ben A., Ben L., Andy, Mandy and me. We laughed the WHOLE time. Loved it.
Here's our whole team. (left to right) Dave, Ben and Ben, Dal, Rusty, Andy, Jonny. Front row: Debbie, Mandy, Brittany, Abby and Me.

Here we are again! Finished!!!! At last! We did great!

Beautiful Mandy and tired Heather...we ate the yummiest chocolate and strawberry crepes at the finish line. Yum!
Dal and Heather...Surprised we're alive! Dal had some toughy legs, people! We're so proud of him.

Here's some pics that are actually in chronological order....
The night before, a bunch of us "Legstrong Armstrong" team members gathered on the hill. After the delish dinner made by the aunties (xoxoxo), some of us waxed sentimental, and went on a walk up to the barn, then around and up to the water tank, and pond. It was such a sweet lil' experience. Ben, Dal, Mandy and Angie. I was there, too. hee hee

Ben, talkin' blue gill.

Morning of the race!!!! In Logan, Mandy and I had fun goofing off. Surprised?
Dal and Ben.
Ben and Kimber (Andy's bride of 7 days!!!)
Ben Lundy. And Ben Armstrong
Sistas!!! Lisa was runner #1, and was sooooooo nervous before she ran. However, she had a ton of kills (people you pass, ha ha!!), and felt so great after she accomplished that first leg. Her 2nd leg was a nightmare. Soooo hot, up and over Trapper's Loop (near Snow Basin), 7 miles downhill after a CRAZY uphill of 1 mile. No shade, just hot hot hot hot hot hot asphalt, and hardly any support from her van...due to lack of pull-out spots where they could park. I'm so proud of her! She's my hero!

Andy, our cutie cousin who rocked!

Lisa and Andy, preparing to start the race!

After Lisa finished her first leg, when her "rumblies" were gone. She was so fast!

Poor Andy, barfed next to the van right after this pic. Kimber was like, "what do I do?" We encouraged her to be a good lil' wifey and pat him on the back, offer him sweet whisperings of love...she's new at this, ya know!

Here's our blurry pic at Exchange 12, right after Andy started off on that killer Trapper's Loop run. Jonny and I rarely had the opportunity to snuggle during the race, being in different vans 'n all.

Okay...hold your breath....
Yes, I know...isn't it DREAMY!? Dallas and his name-sake necklace gave us plenty of entertainment throughout the 27 hours. He's the best. Love that guy!
Here he is, as I almost fell out of the Suburban. He ran up 8 miles of straight up hill. A stray dog followed him. We hope the dog didn't end up dead on the busy road.

At the end of the longest 2 days ever!!!! We're at the finish line, awaiting our last runners to come. We were exhausted. Especially Jonny here. He ran the "Ragnar", the leg of the race that goes up 2000 feet in elevation in just under 4 miles. He hauled up it! I'm so proud of him. He had one of the hardest legs of the race. That's my hot husband!!! :)