Friday, May 8, 2009

Tree lifters and the fright of the carwash

When we moved, I hoped that Briggs would find a buddy. Guess what is so awesome? There are tons of kids his age. He is loving life! There is always someone to play with. At the park the other day, they all marched off to find ladybugs, then came upon a huge tree that had fallen. What do you do with a fallen tree? Lift it. Move it. Grunt.

Matthew, Cameron, Briggs, Brig (yes! So fun for B to have a twinner-named buddy!), and Zack: the muscle-men.

Carwashes are a mixed blessing. They give me time to quickly clean the inside of the car, text, pay bills...etc., but Chanel can make things interesting. She gets really excited/scared/crazy whenever we go into a carwash. She's really afraid of it, but we turn it into a game. I'll pretend that I'm scared too, and this was her reaction to the game:

She is ALL PERSONALITY!!!!!!! Goodness! She makes us laugh all of the time, unless she's making us crazy! We love her!

I wanted to write down a couple of quick things about Briggs...

  • My friend, Sheri, was the primary chorister for Briggs in our last ward. She reminded me of something funny that B said in primary once. When the kids were asked, "what is the daddy's job?" Briggs raised his hand and said, "to keep the mommy happy!"
  • This morning, Briggs explained to me that our dog, Charlie, had a "dried-up piece of cow" in his mouth. It was one of those raw-hide pieces. Ewww. Hearing it described that way made me sort of vomit in my mouth.


Anonymous said...

Actually its us thats blessed We are so lucky to have all of you as our Backdoor neighbors. Zack loves brig, Katie adores chanel and as for you and jonathen well we Absolutly love you two amazing friends!