Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Chanel's hair (styled?!), Briggs last day of school, & HVC

Yes, Chanel sometimes has her hair styled. I promise! It seems as though every time I actually style it, she will rip out the bows and elastics, and will most likely collect some sort of food item in her hair as the day goes on.

Briggs will be missing "Circus Day" on Friday, so today is his last day. Mrs. Fairbourn has been fabulous. He loves school!

Grandpa Pedro was walking down the road, so we stopped to let see him. Nelly hadn't seen him for several months, but remembered him right away!

Heber Valley Camp: Legacy Lake. We are sooooooooooooo lucky to be able to take our Young Women here this summer for Girls' Camp. Holy moly. It's gorgeous, clean, new, and we even have a stream that runs behind our cabins. I love these cute leaders that I will be going with.
Maria, Dinae, Mandy, me, Valene