Saturday, April 4, 2009

March went out like a lion

Hi friends and family!

I wanted to update all y'all on what's been going on for our family for the past month. As I said before, we have moved. Love it! Saratoga Springs is beautiful and we have fallen in love with the people already. We have adorable neighbors, who have stepped it up to help us out a lot. We have a few old friends out there who are wonderful too.

On moving day, we had an army of people who showed up to help. What a nice surprise! I cannot believe the amount of time my friends put into our move. Some spent well over 10 hours packing, driving, organizing...etc. Unreal!!! Listen, you Alpine-Nay-sayers: there are many amazing, solid, Christ-like people from Alpine. I love my Alpine friends.

The house that we moved into is so fun. It is very open and roomy, light colors, lots of windows...we feel at home already. We didn't have to buy any furniture, because it all just sort of works! The only thing we're saving for is a big ol' flatscreen TV. (whatever, Jonathan!)

We have planned out our yard, and are begging for the weather to change so we can start digging. My first goal is to put in a garden. I don't even care about the grass as much as the garden. So, we'll have to get it all piped and plumbed and built...but I'll be happy if I can have a full-blown garden this year. I'm really excited about it!

We have felt very welcome in the stake and ward. There was a new stake formed, called the Saratoga Springs South Stake, which we are a part. The stake conference was amazing. We were surprised to find our kids were almost perfect for 2 whole hours. The spirit was strong. Most of the talks were testimonies, since many were the newly called presidency members. The ASL translator was fabulous. We watched him most of the time, especially during the songs. Wow. He was so expressive and awesome. Jonathan bumped into Jason LaRue, an old mission buddy. That was cool, because Jonathan went and stood by him when we sang "Called to Serve", as a surprise. They hugged and had a lil' moment. ;)

Our Bishop came over the other night, and we chatted for about an hour. He is so cool. The next day, he called us to ask us to speak on Easter Sunday. Mixed blessing! I have already loved studying for my talk, but can't put it all together. I am speaking on Christ's Ministry on the earth. Jonathan is speaking of the Atonement and the Resurrection. Kinda big topics, eh? I'm thinking of focusing on the Savior's power to heal. I hope I don't bawl through the whole thing!

So, the kids are adjusting well. Briggs is in the same preschool, but at their Saratoga Springs location. He loves it. And I love it, since it's $35 bucks cheaper every month! ?????? I know. I guess I didn't realize how expensive the other location was...oh well!

Thank you to all of you who helped me so much! You have made this move soooo easy and fun. And I feel blessed to have kept so many good friends, even through all of my ups and downs. I don't deserve you. xoxo