Saturday, April 4, 2009

Fun pics

Here's Nelly with an "ow-eee" on her hand, eating lunch with Mommy at Kneader's...yum.

Here's Nelly posing. She's a lil' show-off. I don't know where she gets it from...


Motorcycle at "Cookie Cutters"...waiting for Briggs to get his hair cut.

More snuggles. This was our last Sunday at our Alpine ward. We will miss all of our sweet ward members and neighbors!!!

Snuggles again. We are loving this new phase for Chanel. She finally is nice to us. No, I'm serious. She was a mega-beast up until the past month or so. She now can have a tickle war while giggling the whole time. She used to laugh for about 2 seconds, then find something insanely dangerous to throw at her opponent, while growling and screaming. We are holding our breath on this one. Let's just HOPE she remains a sweetheart!!!! Pray for us! Ha ha.

At Cookie Cutters. Briggs loved it. He sat in a race car and had suckers and balloons...nice touch. Sorry it's all out of order. It does that when I get pics off my iPhone.

This was an adventure: stuck in the McDonald's drive-thru. Why? You ask? Well, I had nowhere to turn, after finding the note on the board that stated, "Our system is down, thank you for your patience". The problem: it was 11:45 am. Brigham has school at 12. I was trying to get a "quick lunch", so he wouldn't starve through 11:56, we were finally at the ordering window. I saw an opportunity to cut right, so I bailed. I hurried to B's school, fed him a piece of bread that we found in the car (I'll admit: it had a teeeneeeey lil' bit of white-ish mold on it). At this point, I was desperate, okay? Anyway, he is still alive, and I made it to lunch with my friends.

One more story. I went to my first girls night out with some Saratoga Springs friends, which was totally awesome. They are all so fun and nice. Some silly things happened though. Crystal, my adorable neighbor, planned for us to go to a musical at the Scera Shell Theater in Orem. It was called "Bugs". I was really excited, because I love musicals. I hadn't seen it before, but was ready for something new and fun. All 7 of us sat in our seats, and waited for the show to begin. A teenaged girl came out and welcomed us to "Bugs", and thanked us for supporting this kids, and announced upcoming summer camps. We all looked at each other, and put it all together. This was a childrens theater group. I got the giggles, and couldn't stop laughing (as quietly as possible). Poor Crystal! She thought this was a normal musical, since the man on the phone told her that it was a wonderful show, and well worth our $6. We could barely contain ourselves. She kept saying, "I'm soooooo sorry! I'm so sorry!" I thought it made the night even better than if it had been a normal play or musical. The kids came out on stage, wearing really shabby bug costumes, and sang their lil' hearts out. It was ironic, since many of us like girls night out for the fact that we get away from children for a couple of hours.... We sneaked out at intermission, laughing our guts out.
I was so excited to meet another Heather, who was in Latter-Day Celebration (the same choir Jonathan and I met in) the year before me. We had a ton in common and tons of people we both knew. It was great. Well, we went to Chili's, because we were starving. I ordered salmon. Bad idea. I ended up with a fishbone stuck in the back of my throat! Ewww! I went to the bathroom, to see if I could see it, and pull it out. It looked like a white sliver stuck back behind a tonsil. Yuck. It was so creepy! I was a little scared, so I called Jonathan. He said he had the tools to take it out (my cute EMT). By the time we got home, though, it was gone. Weird.
Well, things are off to a fun start, I know! Ha ha!