Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gloria's surgery update

Gloria, Heather's mom, had surgery a couple of weeks ago for a benign brain tumor. All went well, and you can't even see the huge incision scar, due to her hair covering it. She's been doing great, at least we thought.

On Monday, Dad ran her to the ER after Alan (my brother) called him and told him to. Mom had told Al that her leg was hurting really bad, and was super swollen just above the knee.

Mom has small blood clots in her lungs as well, which were causing her chestpain, and possibly the nightsweats. She hadn't told anyone just how serious these two symptoms were for her. At least she's in the hospital now, being treated for pulmonary embollism. Ya. It's pretty serious.

Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts on our family's behalf! We have the best friends and family ever!!!

Crazy kids!

Here are the kids at the Dino Museum. Chanel was a little unsure of the sand, but then loved it! Briggs was so cute to watch with the other kids. He even bumbed into the Skoy kids, our friends! They both have been so flippin' funny lately. Briggs corrected Jonathan the other day, when he had pointed out a sea lion on tv. Briggs said, "It looks like a sea lion, but actually, it's an 'iceberger'". Get it right, Dad!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

February Fever

It's February, and I'm finding the "let's share one car" phase a little bit difficult. I spend most of my time here, sometimes we even go downstairs to play with toys. Yep. That's about it.

Not really. We are actually doing really great, in spite of many little bumps in the road. Our kids are healthy and funny. Our love for each other grows every day. We feel blessed in spite of the challenges we've faced. We are most grateful for friends and family who are always so thoughtful and positive. Thanks!

Heather's mom, Gloria, will be having surgery tomorrow to remove a non-cancerous tumore in her brain. Fortunately, it is close to the skull, just above her ear. Hopefully it will help alleviate the headaches and many other issues it has caused. We pray for a speedy recovery. We think she'll look hot with half of a shaved head.

It's really funny to have to try to make our ordinary lives seem more facinating....I'll try to live on the edge before putting in another entry.

Love y'all!