Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gloria's surgery update

Gloria, Heather's mom, had surgery a couple of weeks ago for a benign brain tumor. All went well, and you can't even see the huge incision scar, due to her hair covering it. She's been doing great, at least we thought.

On Monday, Dad ran her to the ER after Alan (my brother) called him and told him to. Mom had told Al that her leg was hurting really bad, and was super swollen just above the knee.

Mom has small blood clots in her lungs as well, which were causing her chestpain, and possibly the nightsweats. She hadn't told anyone just how serious these two symptoms were for her. At least she's in the hospital now, being treated for pulmonary embollism. Ya. It's pretty serious.

Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts on our family's behalf! We have the best friends and family ever!!!