Monday, December 8, 2008

2 Surprise Visits!

Can you see the baby-fat that's coming back? Yep, we're back on bottles! Yikes!
Charlie, looking longingly out the door...but is ever loyal and obedient...waiting there for the call.

I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! I am learning how to use photoshop, and will hopefully improve shots like this in the near future. This pic is Nelly, all the way.

Caramel corn from Grandma!!! Such a great visit. We love Grandpa and Grandma!

Look at the can just FEEL it.

Lots of laughs! Sorry about the color on this one...I don't know what I did.


Dimples to share.

Big ol' kid is gonna break Grandma's back! He's growing so fast.

Sweet, beautiful Grandma Karen...

Uncle Jared stopped by! Nelly thought she'd get more of him than she did...when he left, she cried and cried.

Feelin' the love.

Kisses? With all that hair!? Oh, yes. She loves every minute.

Here comes Daddy...

For the grand FINALE!!!

Grandpa and Grandma stopped by on Saturday to bring the kids a treat...unfortunately, I ate most of it...Karen's homemade caramel corn. Then, Jared came Monday morning before Jonathan had left for work for a bit. Hey, these kids will take 'em any way they can have 'em! Oh, how they love the Johnsons...all of them! Grandpa and Grandma just love on them like crazy! Uncle Jared gives hairy kisses, that make Nelly's just way too much fun. We love our family!