Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fall Fun

Happy Halloween!!!!
If you were wondering...there's a dead lady, a fireman, the white ninja "Storm Shadow" from G.I. Joe, and Cinderella.
The fireman arrived too late! She's DEAD!

There's Halloween, now: October flew by so fast! Here's a few lil' pics to update y'all...

On my birthday, Jonathan surprised me with a delicious lunch at The Chef's Table, with a beautiful necklace and huge bouquet of red roses. He's such a sweetie!!! Nelly came with me, since I didn't expect such a nice surprise...I should have found a babysitter!! However, she was adorable and well-behaved (for once!!!). It was awesome.
Nelly...the HAM!!!!! She's becoming more and more fun every day. I love watching her come into her own personality and sillyness. She keeps life interesting!!
Here's Nelly cleaning bathrooms with me. She loves this! Every few days, she'll say, "mom! We forgot to clean!!!" She wants to do it all the time. Watch out for bum cheeks!
At Marc and Karen's, we had a delicious turkey dinner. They sang happy birthday to me, too. Jerry, DeAnn, and Kyle were there, and it was so great to see them again. It was so fun!
Here's my bragging moment: I HAVE TONS OF MATERNITY CLOTHES!!!!!! The day I organized these: I cried the whole time. Grateful am I for my sisters and my friend, Shanna. Without you: I'd be naked. Or wearing skin-tight size 6!!!! I have so many comfortable, cute, and FREE clothes!! I had to take a pic, to share in my joy. All of you who have been preggers will understand the joy that comes from even ONE new outfit that fits. Thank you for your generosity!!!

At Hee Haw Farms with Logan and Kristi's boys. We never could get them to look up at us!! It was so fun. It was great to see them again. Isn't it nuts that we always see our bestest friends the least!?
Up on the hill at Grandma's house...

At Grandma's house, playing Play-Dough and loving every minute!