Thursday, September 11, 2008

Race Car!

Robert installing Brigham's pedal extender

Daddy and Nelly

Nelly cheering for her brother

Lincoln, Brigham, and Daddy...thank you so much to Lincoln for our lil' go-cart!!!

Racin' kids

Brigham was surprised when he received his new race go-cart! Jonathan asked Brigham if he liked the go-cart with the flames on it, and asked, "what if it is your race car, Briggs?" Brigham's face lit up and he jogged in place while smiling really big! He was adorable. He loved it. He was a little scared of the loud engine at first, but is getting used to it and is getting more and more confident. We equip him with a neck/spine protector, chest-protector, helmet and protective clothing when he practices...don't you worry, people. We'll do our best to keep him safe. Rock on.


Jenilee said...

Congrats Brigham. Looks like fun. Heather you have such a cute family. I miss you.