Thursday, July 31, 2008

Nelly Goose Egg...

Not cool! Not even funny! Chanel seriously just fell off of our trampoline onto the cement mowing strip. Someone came to bring a gift for us while our babysitter was out on the tramp playing with the kids. This person's grandkids decided to jump on the tramp at the same time, and quickly learned that there were too many kids on the tramp. "How?", you ask? Well... Chanel fell off. Loud bump. Screams of horror...the whole bit.

I received a call from Jonathan while I was running errands... "Heather, go home now. Chanel fell off the tramp." I threw my things down at the store and ran. I got home (possibly dangerously quickly)... and said some interesting phrases once I laid eyes on the huge goose-egg, raspberry, tennis-ball-size bruise on Nelly's head. She wasn't crying anymore, just acting like her normal self.

Jonathan called his paramedic buddies at the Fire Dept., and they came right away and did a check up on her. They said that she has a concussion, and we have to watch her for any of the serious signs that may accompany a concussion for the next few days. We are so horrified! I know she'll be okay, but I'm so dang sad! We can call the medics again any time, and they said they'll take her to the ER w/o paperwork and those kind of connections. Medics are like some sort of's great.

Anyway, she's asleep now, and we're checking her every 15 minutes or so to make sure all is well. I'll keep you posted on her progress! Sorry to scare you! It's not fun. Needless to say: the net is going up today on the tramp, and we've made a new rule: if a babysitter is here, she can blame us for being mean: "Sorry, but those rude Johnsons don't want any other kids here while their kids are being babysat, thanks!" I feel so bad for our babysitter. She was so close, but unable to catch Chanel in time. The extra boy jumping wildly on the tramp was out of control. Dangit!


Camille said...

How scary!! I didn't really see how serious it was until the third pic. The first two just look like shadows. It's huge! I'm so glad she's ok!

Jenn said...

Hey Heather,
Just stumbled across your blog. First facebook, now blogs-this is so fun to catch up. You look great, as does your cute family.
Take care,
Jenn Reese